Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pre holiday wrap-up

Not really achieved too much in this 'week' it really was a short week, Tues-Friday. Have eaten down a few things, frozen meals, a packet of dried cranberries that had 30g left, packet of hokkien noodles. Eaten out of a few other packets, but they're not finished with yet lol. Pantry is looking better, even though not that much stuff has gone from it, pulling everything out for the stock-take made me tidy it up :)
There is a bunch of stuff on my kitchen table which I'm not happy about, some is new stuff mum gave me as well. I would have liked to 'get rid' of it all before going away, but it will have to wait til I return.
I do plan to take some pantry stocks with me to use up while I'm house sitting, so that's good ahahah, but pretty much for the next month my pantry will stay as is. Michael will eat some canned/packet items, but mostly he'll live from the freezer.

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