Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 13

Last day at Denham, weren't supposed to be going so early so it is a shame as we are missing out on alot of things. Atleast there was a pretty sunset for me.

Day 11

We got up early to drive to Monkey Mia to feed the Dolphins. I even got to feed one of the dolphins. Here are some of the Pics I took.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 6

Didn't do much, Katie was not very well, went shopping managed to find $9 in the change slot of the parking meter while I was trying to figure out why it didn't refund our money, which was nice. Washed all our clothes (BOY THEY NEEDED IT) Katie pretty much bummed around for the rest of the day so I went off for a swim at the beach. We organised ourselves a nice BBQ, but when we got over there the gas had run out so we had to walk all our food back plus our dried washing.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Day 5

Got up at 8am, rushed to dress and get downstairs by 8.30 to catch the bus, which didn't arive until 9ish, got to the city caught the Red Cat to stop three, rushed down the street to the car hire place. Katie got instructions back to Cottesloe, but the lady said go left instead of right, so we drove for 20 mins in the wrong direction. Turned around and headed back to the city, I managed to lead us back to Cottesloe where we ran around madly trying to pack our bags as we were 30 mins past check out. I had rung them on our journey to let them know what was happening so they were fine about it. We drove to Peters to get some stuff I had stored there and got a map, then we headed to Geraldton. We got to the Belair Caravan Park and found the rooms we had wanted (but never booked) didn't have any left, that the only ones that were available were 100 a night, so we went down the road to the Backpackers... We had to climb to the first level where we found a nice man, he said they had no double rooms but that he would give us a dorm room for the same price, we had a look and said ok... he then told us to drive around the back and by the time we got our bags up the stairs he would have the room swept and the beds made. When we drove around the back we noticed a toilet block, we then started to get scared that this was the only toilets, we also started discussing the fact there was no fan or anything in the room.. So we ran away HAHA. We went back to the c'van park and got the expensive unit, but instead of $300 for the three nights it was only $260 so we were really glad we came back. The original rooms we were hiring were going to work out as $228, and with these they have two bedrooms, a kitchen/lounge and a bathroom.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Day 4

Went and had breakfast at one of the restaraunts above the beach and had a scrumptious burger and fries and a capuchino, Katie had chicken fettichini with mushrooms, capuchino and a yummy looking banana smoothie.
I caught the bus to the city and then caught the train to Joondalup. Kit(an old friend) came and picked me up. Spent the day there with her and Brett and Kit took me out for Chinese and dropped me back at Cottesloe, had a very tiring day.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day 3

Peter and Pauline took us to Cottesloe so we could get our room and drop of our bags. They then drove us to the Claremont Showgrounds where the BDO was being held. On the way there was a car load of young people in front of us and the guy in the back obviously didn't have his seatbelt on, Pauline commented on this and then said "oooh I don't have mine on either" we all cracked up laughing and couldn't control ourselves for a few minutes. I am not sure how Peter managed to keep driving.

Big Day Out
WOW, what a day it was awesome I saw so many cool bands, there was a few bands that I didn't think would be that great but turned out to be fantastic and there was one band that I found to be a little disapointing. The first group we saw was "The Herd" they are not the sort of music I listen to, but they were so energetic and full of life that you just couldn't help but like their stuff. They do a cover of "I was only nineteen" by !?!?!?!?! and they brought him on stage to help with the song. It was so fantastic, both Katie and I had goosebumps and had tears in our eyes. He also did a statement before the song and the crowd just went wild. It was along the lines of "we have to stop sending our young Australians to fight other peoples battles, no more taking them from their families. We need {use today} to send a message to John Howard and Peter Costello that we've had enought, that we don't support this war but we always support our troops." He then dedicated it to the 500 Australian troops lost in Vietnam.
The rest of the acts I saw were, Evermore, Scribe, Spank Rock, DJ Mark Murphy, Eskimo Joe (a little disapointing), John Butler Trio, Something For Kate, You am I (FREAKING AWESOME!!), Tool, Crystal Method DJs.
The last show finished at 11pm, we had to wandered around to the taps because I got something sticky in my shoe and I wanted to wash it out, and we found a tray of cold diet cokes lol so we flogged two, then we filed our way to the extremely busy train station, where about 500 people got on the same train as us.
Luckly a two Pommy girls got off at Cottesloe with us and were heading to the same Backpackers so we followed them for a while then we walked the rest of the way by ourselves. I was tired by the time we got home so I showered and went to bed, Katie went downstairs for the rest of the evening, and got home around 3am.

DAY 2 traveling around Perth

As it was going to be 40 degrees Celcius today, Auntie Pauline decided it would be a good idea if we all went for a drive around, rather than just sitting at home in the aircon, we may as well do the same in the airconditioned car. End the end a picnic was formed, we drove for hours looking at the sites. We headed through the Swan Valley, and stopped at the "Cola Museum" in Toodyay for a cool drink, strangly enough not cola lol. I took a photo while there of the old 'Connors Mill'

We stopped at the first pumping station/dam, for the pipe line that runs water up to kalgoorlie so we all jumped out in the nasty (NASTY) weather, and all contemplated jumping in the dam.

We continue driving until we came to a nice park, where we sat and had our yummy food, there were some strange statue things, which when we first got to the park we were not sure if they were real people or not. hahaha
Here is Pauline, Katie and Peter ready to organise the picnic.

We decided that we should should shout Pauline and Peter to tea, so we grabbed Chinese at there favourite resturant. It was fantastic!! Nice to have a change from our local. Anyhow here is a pic of Pauline and Katie about to tuck in. Note the great setting Peter chose!! A lovely evening we had. Now to get to bed for the Big Day Out

Saturday, February 03, 2007

DAY 1 in Perth

I am safe and sound in WA. We arrived on the first at 4.15pm Wa time. Katie and I are staying with my Aunty Pauline and her husband Peter, we are having a wonderful time and have been well looked after. Peter has been doing all the cooking, and is a wonderful cook. We had a wonderful curry last night, well 3 actually one beaut fish curry, a (OMG WONDERFUL) beef curry and a pretty darn good reason to eat lentils, curry. We went to the city yesterday, and spent alot of it lost.... Well, ok, we got to town ok, and even got a free ride on the bus. I think because we asked the bus driver where would be the best place to get off as we are both from interstate. Anyhow this Nz'er heard our plight and decided she would help us out. An Indian bloke behind us gave us some directions as well. The girl from NZ actually got off the bus and walked us around a bit which was awesome. The getting lost part was really trying to get home. We were at the bus station and couldn't figure out which bus to take there was like 4 lanes of buses and each time one pulled up we ran over and asked the driver if this was the one we needed. In our journey into town we never bothered to look what street we had caught the bus from, so this didn't make life much easier. Finally after trying about 6 different buses we got a 'new' driver who was able to tell us where our bus left from lol... which was NOT the main depo lol, so we walked ALL the way back around where we'd come from, asked random people where we should go and made our way to the stop. When there we asked a bloke which bus he was on and even though it was a different one than the one we were going to go on he told us to get on and we would be close to where we needed to be. He was right, although in the opposite direction than where we left from we ended up a block from 'home'. Today is going to be 40 degrees C so we're not venturing out by ourselves, instead our hosts are taking us out to the bush.. Here's hoping we don't get lost hahah