Sunday, April 16, 2006

Around the Farm

I don't have my license, and there really is nothing to do outhere anyhow lol. Occassionally I have been out with Michael, on the 4 wheelers. The farm that we live on is pretty huge, I have lived out here for about 4 years and I still haven't been every where on it. There isn't that much of interest on the farm to look at, sometimes there is a nice sunset or sunrise, and although there are roos around, they are hard to get a good photo of. There used to be Emus in one section of the farm, where we lived when we first moved on farm. That is about 20kms from where we live now, so needless to say that I haven't been over that way for quiet a while. I might have to do a mission over there to see if there is any around that aren't camera shy.
These are a few photos I have taken while out and about on the 4 wheelers.

I really love this tree. I have always loved trees with big holes in the centre, lol I have no idea why. As a kid I always thought about people hiding out in them in storms, in later years I realised that probably wouldn't be a good idea as there would be a greater risk of electrocution.
This is the Lachlin river, not much water was passing through there at the time of the photo, I am not sure how much is running at the moment either. In November there was a huge rise in the river, the most water I had seen in all my time here.

This is a pretty sunset, the water is actually Campbells dam. The water that is stored there goes down the channels and is eventually sucked up by the laterals (sorta like mechanical soaker hoses on legs). Each Lateral is 1km long, these water the crops.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sovereign Hill *Gold Country* Ballarat

In February this year my boyfriend and I went to Geelong, Victoria. Michael had to attend a management course for one week. When we finished up in Geelong, we decided to stop in at Ballarat, and go to Sovereign Hill

We had a great day there, there is so much to do, see and learn. A really neat thing is that all the staff are dressed in 1800's clothing, they do shows around the 'town' all day. You can also take several guilded tours.
We stopped for lunch at the "New York Bakery" (above). I had the lamb pie with chips, I have to say it was one of the most yummiest pies I have ever had. It came in a little dish with the puffiest pastry I have ever seen, set on top. Michael had tea sandwiches, I never got a taste so I presume they were super awesome too.

Some of the things to see and do are, watch the wood and metal smiths make wonderful items in front of your very eyes. Watch candles and soap being made. Take a tour of the old mine under Sovereign Hill. Have a 'wanted' poster made about you. Watch hard candies being made. Pan for your own gold. If you have no luck you can always buy some at the shop.

Michael and I found some gold, not much, it is sitting in a little glass bottle to remind me of the great time we had.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One Beautiful Morning

These are some of my favorite photos that I have taken. They were all taken on the same morning. My mum got me a digital camera about a year and a half ago and I LOVE taking pics! I do prefer film, but digital is so much cheaper and practical! You can snap and snap and snap until you get just the photo you want !!

First Blog

Hey welcome to my first blog! I have to say the word 'blog' sounds really bad!! Gross even!! Anyhow, I have been on the net since about 1996. I love everything about it, chatting to friends and family from miles away, playing games and researching my family tree. Back 'in the day' I mostly just used to have my own web pages and study for school. I don't have to worry about that anymore :D I finished school in 1998.
I intend to post photos and other stuff of interest to me, probably some links aswell.
Anyhow that's it for now hope you enjoyed it. lol.