Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hello everyone! Hope you all are well. Sore here, but doing well. Mum has gone home today, Michael had to drive her home. He’ll be picking her up next weekend so she can look at cars (for those that don’t know we were in a car accident that wrote off mum’s car when a lady ran up our behind)
Haven’t done much in the way of craft this week. Had a great weekend last weekend in Qld for my birthday. My best mate gave me a $50 to her local scrapping store, so I bought some great stuff :) Thanks again Shannon!!

Here are some of my inchies. There is the black and white swap, time swap and the Edgar Allen Poe swap. The heart is the “Tell-Tale Heart” inchie opened :) Click to see larger.

 CIMG9058 CIMG9060 CIMG9062 CIMG9064

Monday, February 08, 2010

Ahh the relief

We just got home with a brand spanking new laptop for me. My other one is still in the shop, and using the dinosaur has been driving me and Michael nuts… NOT to mention the fact that SOMEONE (Evil eye at Michael) got a virus on it, so it’s even worse than it was lol.

No photos of anything to share, just the great news that I’m free of the Dinosaur :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

Inchie Madness!

My friend Tammy got me interested in Inchies around September last year. I’ve been in 3 swaps and am waiting on the 4th to come home. I’ve just joined Tammy’s “Word/s” inchies swap. I felt like doing more and I have a heap of international stamps to use up from when I was into swapping ATC’s internationally. So I joined up a few Swapbot swaps. I have more to do, but here are the inchies I’ve done in the last few days. Click for a better look :) Would love to hear what you think!

6 blue inchies love wordsbutterflies