Wednesday, June 30, 2010


ABC Tea Masquerade Party Clowing around Wonderland Siblings Numbered

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have been making inchies, but haven’t gotten around to posting them.. I think I am well and truly behind again LOL Ah well lucky it’s all in fun ;)

Spectacular Poison Profit Sharing Bingo Flower Girl Rose

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here is the last lot that I have to share with you today :) I am not sure how many I am behind, but I think I’ve caught up a little LOL!

Ticket to ride Cheap Talk Framed Blue Bird Kitty kisses Absolute truth


Portrait Asian Postcard She's a mystery Daffodil Camera


The two lots of flowers have flowersoft on them so they are dimensional :)

Racing through time Bingo Mechanical Bunny Vision bunch of flowers All star Hay Fever W Blue flowers

91-100/1000 WHOOT!

Well here we are 100 made, only 900 to go lol (actually not, because I am about to post more that I’ve done :D ) Btw, the girl looking at the butterfly on her finger, has 1 piece of bling as an earring, but the ‘wool’ stuff isn’t on the inchie, it just made it into the shot somehow LOL.

Micro bead birds Stamped Flowers Harmony Pretty girl Paris butterfly lady Cheeky Raven Lemon Tea trippy bird

Missing no 90(!)/1000

I some how missed adding this one the other day, I had put it in my folder and all, so had to track back and figure out which inchie was in the folder but not on the blog.. I hope I don’t make this error at inchie 990 ;)

Bottled babies

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Here is the last of the inchies I have to share today. Time to get cracking again.. think I am still about 40 behind LOL!
CIMG9708 CIMG9707 CIMG9706 CIMG9705 CIMG9704 CIMG9703 CIMG9702 CIMG9701 CIMG9699 CIMG9694 CIMG9693