Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spring CC

ATC's Cyber crop time again. I only completed two out of the four Challenges. My back was just too sore to sit and do long projects. These are my atcs.

tin1 tin2 tin3

The tin was the OTP. It's a little shiny as it has been coated in modge podge. I really wanted to complete a challenge over at Purple scraps as it looked like lots of fun. But alas the back didn't want to.

Sitting at my desk is really hurting, but standing for shortish periods of time has been ok. The only problem is it does feel ok, then once I have finished (over doing myself) my back KILLS! One period of 'overdoing' was cleaning down our fence of all this ivy creeper and old pieces of wood (and an old clothes line lol) That night boy my back wasn't pleased!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Retreat Time

Picture 013Picture 018

Michael and I drove up to Murtoa 2 Saturdays ago. Michael left me at mum's so we could drive to the retreat together.

Had an absolute blast with the girls off my table, they were fantastic! The hostess, Michelle, who I have know for many years online, was really different this year. Welcomed us but then pretty much ignored us. I am not sure if we did something wrong, but it was really disconcerting, even a member of her DT was not the same as she was last year. Michelle's husband on the other hand was just as friendly as I remembered and we had a couple of really good chats. He's a hard worked like Michael and also goes looking for gold like Mick.
This year, I took NO photos to the retreat to scrap, my goal was atc's and Cards. Did no Cards (well one in class), and about 20 ATC's. Did however do 2 Lo's which I was amazed about as I wasn't going to do any this year. Last year I was going to do Lo's only and only did one haha.

Anyhow here are some photos from the retreat.. Picture 058 Picture 059

Mum and I taking a break from the drive. (Snow up the back mountain)

Picture 067

Our Table, clock wise from left, Rosanne, Mel, {Jo, not in photo}, Lana, Maria, Liz, {Yvonne, not in photo}, {Lesley, not in photo}, Kim, Denise, Wendy, {Me, not in photo}, Mum, Rae.

Picture 071

All the excitement of a hail storm, quiet large balls, but luckily very soft!!


Me, Mum and Rae, working hard.. Of course ;)

Picture 093

Lana loving her ink, Maria working hard, and Liz running a muck :D

Picture 098

Class over. Notice it is only girls from Our table in this class...

Picture 104

This was our photo swap. The idea, put 3 photos on a desk face down, then when everyone had done that. Go and pick a pile of someone else's photos and scrap them. Above was the page I made for Julie. I was lucky as I didn't bring any photos (as I wasn't going to scrapbook), but mum had the 20 free ones I had picked up for her at Scrappit. Below is the second LO I did, it was for Rosanne, she loved the one I did for Julie, and asked me to scrap her one lol. Her's is blue as she wanted the water paper to be on the page.

Picture 171

Picture 146 Us holding the LO we made for someone else

Picture 149 Us holding the LO that was made for us.

Picture 152

Mum and I last breakfast.

Picture 168

Group shot!

Hope you enjoyed checking out my photos. I am going to get myself organised and put up all of the ATC's I have ever made.. but give me a little bit lol.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Card making madness

As some of you will know there is a card drive for Victorian farmers, which will be given out in Christmas hampers for them to give away to their friends and families when they need a card. I posted it as a topic, so if you want to have a read here it is... Rak Victorian Farmers. The Christmas cards I have made, may go to the actual farmers, or to my friends lol, will have to find out if she needs any Christmas ones ;)

CIMG4962 This is a card for a male, not really happy with it. Just never went the way I wanted lol.
CIMG4964 I like this card. It is cute. Well the stamps are hehe. This is for a child.
CIMG4966 To toot my own horn I really like this card hehe. I think I did a pretty good job :D Again, the stamps are just so cute, how could you not do a good job?
CIMG4968 This card I made after watching a demo at Roz's online SU party. I used 2 new embossing folders, new BG paper and new sentiment stamp that I got from the lovely Ebony. The rose stamp is one I have had for a year or so, love it :)
CIMG4973 This one is similar to the above, but instead of the embossing folder I used a text stamp, which is more like Roz's one. I made 2 like this.
CIMG4970 I like this Christmas card. The photo doesn't show it right, but where the red ends on the left the card itself is finished (the white you see after is the paper I took the photo on). When it opens the green circle stays on the bottom. I used my new embossing border file on this card. Made 3 of these.

This card I made using a cricut cut file, my new embossing file, 3 new stamps and a sentiments stamp.

Monday, September 08, 2008

August Goodies

Goodies 7   My prize pack came from Ebony 2 days ago. I was so super excited when I got them.. Well I still am!! It was so much fun opening it and "oooohing and ahhing" This is pack two. My first pack was a cuttlebug. Which I have totally LOVED using. Now I have even more folders to use WHOOT!!

Goodies 6 Goodies 1
Check out those yummy stamps! The MM ones are HOT!

Goodies 3 Goodies 4 Goodies 5
My mixed paper Yummy Bazzill

Goodies 2This is one of the limited edition paper packs from Daisy Bucket. It is super cute. I accidentally forgot to take a photo of the rubons but if you look at one of the pack photos up the top there is a little peak of it ;)

Michael was really sick this weekend so I got a little bit of scrapping done, but spent a lot of time looking after him. Also the scrap room is right next to the toilet, so I didn't really want to be there with Michael throwing up once an hour every hour on Saturday. I have made 2 cards though out of some of the new stuff.
I have also packaged up a COM for Anna (sorry it is so late!!) Been working on my next COM, and thinking about WOM that I owe and the newest WOM swap.. How have I gotten so far behind?? I have an ATC swap due, and another that I want to join, and some others that are overdue.. Time to pull the finger out I think ;)

August Cyber Crop

Holidaypal1Ok the Cyber Crop this month was about Travel, so a great way to use up some of those holiday photos!! I got 3 out of 4 done which I think is really good. The holiday pal one, is of Zoe, Declan and me before I left Bundy last October. I really liked this Lo, it won a voucher too, not because I was the best, but because no one else entered that category, so yeah.

LoveThis is my OTP entry, it is a canvas and it is now hanging in our loungeroom, I wanted something that matched the walls a little, and as it turns out the dark orange is actually the same orange that is here in the lounge lol. I really hate the colour in our lounge as it seems to eat the light, but looks ok in moderation lol.

Safe TripThis is my card. It is acetate stamped and then coloured. I couldn't find vellum tape, or think of any way of holding it down so now it has a frame which is the tape showing through :(

TroubleLast but not least is my Chinese Whisper. It is Trouble sleeping on his new (well was new) mattress. It was his makeshift kennel a table, blanket, pallet and mattress :)

Thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for the recent comments!!! Love hearing from you peeps :)