Thursday, September 25, 2008

Retreat Time

Picture 013Picture 018

Michael and I drove up to Murtoa 2 Saturdays ago. Michael left me at mum's so we could drive to the retreat together.

Had an absolute blast with the girls off my table, they were fantastic! The hostess, Michelle, who I have know for many years online, was really different this year. Welcomed us but then pretty much ignored us. I am not sure if we did something wrong, but it was really disconcerting, even a member of her DT was not the same as she was last year. Michelle's husband on the other hand was just as friendly as I remembered and we had a couple of really good chats. He's a hard worked like Michael and also goes looking for gold like Mick.
This year, I took NO photos to the retreat to scrap, my goal was atc's and Cards. Did no Cards (well one in class), and about 20 ATC's. Did however do 2 Lo's which I was amazed about as I wasn't going to do any this year. Last year I was going to do Lo's only and only did one haha.

Anyhow here are some photos from the retreat.. Picture 058 Picture 059

Mum and I taking a break from the drive. (Snow up the back mountain)

Picture 067

Our Table, clock wise from left, Rosanne, Mel, {Jo, not in photo}, Lana, Maria, Liz, {Yvonne, not in photo}, {Lesley, not in photo}, Kim, Denise, Wendy, {Me, not in photo}, Mum, Rae.

Picture 071

All the excitement of a hail storm, quiet large balls, but luckily very soft!!


Me, Mum and Rae, working hard.. Of course ;)

Picture 093

Lana loving her ink, Maria working hard, and Liz running a muck :D

Picture 098

Class over. Notice it is only girls from Our table in this class...

Picture 104

This was our photo swap. The idea, put 3 photos on a desk face down, then when everyone had done that. Go and pick a pile of someone else's photos and scrap them. Above was the page I made for Julie. I was lucky as I didn't bring any photos (as I wasn't going to scrapbook), but mum had the 20 free ones I had picked up for her at Scrappit. Below is the second LO I did, it was for Rosanne, she loved the one I did for Julie, and asked me to scrap her one lol. Her's is blue as she wanted the water paper to be on the page.

Picture 171

Picture 146 Us holding the LO we made for someone else

Picture 149 Us holding the LO that was made for us.

Picture 152

Mum and I last breakfast.

Picture 168

Group shot!

Hope you enjoyed checking out my photos. I am going to get myself organised and put up all of the ATC's I have ever made.. but give me a little bit lol.


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MrsDB said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time Liz - lucky girl! :)