Sunday, October 22, 2006

Engagement (Relocated)

Well blow me down, Michael asked me to marry him on Sat night. I said yes of course!! This is the beautiful ring that he bought me. I love it dearly.
Cheers from one VERY happy lady.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well who's a silly puppy.....

Trouble likes climbing trees... Strange but true lol, the other day he climbed the tree in our yard, because Michael was sitting up there shooting the Indian Miners (feral birds that take native Australian bird's hollows). Anyhow I grabbed the camera to grab a few shots, he wasn't that high in this shot, but he did get up over my head (I am 169cm so he was atleast 195cm) I joked to Michael that if he fell he would land on my head.
As they say what goes up must come down, just after I made the joke, poor Trouble fell out of the tree.. I think it was part my fault as I had the camera up and ready for another shot, and he was too busy trying to strike a pose, forgot to watch his footing and slipped out of the tree.. I can tell you in wasn't a graceful fall, but by gosh did Michael and me laugh our arses off.. I was waiting for Michael to laugh himself out of the tree.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Big Mistake! (Relocated)

I am using this blog, because I was stupid enought to try beta blogger...... NOW picasa, and hello won't post my blogs... So I am using this, and shall copy the code later... I have alot of difficulties using explorer or firefox with certain sites, and unfortunatly this is one of those sites. I have to log in nearly everytime I go to a new screen and I can't load pictures up GRRR!

Anyhow welcome to my temp blog. My original one is redcrystalstar Hope you like the pictures, these are roses off my new bushes.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Minor Family Reunion

We did a trip to Bega/Pambula/Merimbula to meet my long long lost Cousin Valerie and her Brothers family. Valerie lives in America so it was a once off thing to go and see her. We stayed with her brother and his lovely wife. Before we arrived Valerie went out and found a book that had a picture of our (many times) great grandfather. We already had this picture of them, but it meant that the author had, had recent contact with a relative as the last edtion of the book didn't have this photo. Anyhow she tracked the lady that had submitted the photo and she was able to tell us a cousin of her's who we would be able to meet. She unfortunately was going away. Valerie got in contact with Max Welch

We met Max, another distant cousin (who is actually not as distant as Valerie is to me..) after speaking with Valerie days before, he had very kindly rung a distant relative of his who LIVED on the same land OUR ancestors had lived on, the old homestead was still standing (although it is falling down) and WE were allowed to VISIT!!! It was so wonderful, I don't think I have ever felt so connected to something. To know where your ancestors actually walked was just amazing.

There was a grave on the property we visited that and also spent the day looking at ancestors graves in Bombala.
While on our trip to the area, we also got to visit Haycock which is where our (many great) grand father had a large property and also woolstores. One of the local rangers took us around the area too as it is now a national park and nothing is standing there anymore.

The photos are, two of the homestead, Valerie, Max and Me, and one of Haycock Point
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Under Attack (Relocated)

The other day I heard the birds going off, so I went out to see what was the matter. This poor little blighter was under fire from the maggies and the butcher birds. I went out to protect him, while we walked together he was safe, but as soon as he went outside the yard back in to the birds territory he was fair game.

This photo was taken just milliseconds before that bird struck the goanna on the head. It made a sickening noise! The birds continued to follow him till he got to the trees... No doubt to raid a nest... The cycle continues.. lol

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nature at Haycock

Recently I was at the South East Coast of NSW, these are a couple of pics I took at Haycock Point, which is now a national park, but in the 1860's and earlier, it belonged to one of my ancestors. Will blog more later...