Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well who's a silly puppy.....

Trouble likes climbing trees... Strange but true lol, the other day he climbed the tree in our yard, because Michael was sitting up there shooting the Indian Miners (feral birds that take native Australian bird's hollows). Anyhow I grabbed the camera to grab a few shots, he wasn't that high in this shot, but he did get up over my head (I am 169cm so he was atleast 195cm) I joked to Michael that if he fell he would land on my head.
As they say what goes up must come down, just after I made the joke, poor Trouble fell out of the tree.. I think it was part my fault as I had the camera up and ready for another shot, and he was too busy trying to strike a pose, forgot to watch his footing and slipped out of the tree.. I can tell you in wasn't a graceful fall, but by gosh did Michael and me laugh our arses off.. I was waiting for Michael to laugh himself out of the tree.

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