Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Countries Of the world

Here are my most recent ATC's for this swap, Japan, Kenya, Lesotho and India.

Liz to me   Japan Liz to me Kenya Liz to Anne   Lesotho Liz to me  India

Monday, December 29, 2008

I won 3 Awards :o)


Aw I am so honoured that my friends have given me this award - the Spreader of Love. Thank you Robyn, Marnie and Linda! It is so awesome of you girls. I feel so honoured to have gotten this 3 times. You have all said some lovely things about me!
The rules are you must post the award on your blog, name your bestower, then bestow the award upon 6 other bloggers and leave a message on their blog that they've received the award.
Visit Robyn at My Inspirational Journey.
Visit Marnie at Marnie's Alter Ego
Visit Loulou at Two offroaders and a couple of dogs

Now as I have this award 3 times I guess I should give it out 18 times lol but I really don't have 18 blogs that I could give it too. So will do as many as I can :)

LouLou, I love the ATC's this girl makes! I am so happy to have swapped a bunch of times with her :) Not to mention she is a great mate, and full of mischief at Australian National Scrapbooking Days!

Marnie, another fantastic little scrapper, active blogger and great friend! Nothing is too much for Marnie!

Robyn, apart from being an awesome buddy, this girl is TALENT! I wish I could do half the sweet looking things she makes!

Annette - another that can be described with the word TALENT! I wish I could do half of what she does too. I love that she happily shares her knowledge. Beautiful, fantastic, wonderful!

The Graphics Fairy, I love the beautiful images this lady shares. Thankyou! It makes it so much easier to find good stuff for atcs when you have a reliable site :)

The last door down the hall, another fantastic vintage image sharer, but also some FANTASTIC arty pieces. I love looking at all her stuff, it makes me want to run off the computer to the last door down my hall to the scrap room and get busy.

Ruby, a fantastic young person with a fantastic attitude. I love her carefree spirit in art, her abilities are awesome!

Dansnark Art An awesome blog with more tutes and step-by-steps.

OK that is all I can think of :)
Enjoy visiting these awesome blogs!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thinking of You

Symapathy Card 3

I made this card 2 weeks ago for my friend Avie who's mother died. I thought I would wait until she received it until I put the photo up.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Peace star close Shannon Door Hanger 1 shannon Door Hanger bottom shannon Door Hanger top Bec Door Hanger Amara Door Hanger Amara Fairy

The first item (Peace) is made for Neca at swapbot. Who is the most patient person. I hope she likes it, I have made it for our scavenger hunt. The E is a close up.
The next 3 are door hangers and close up's of parts of those. The first is for my best mate Shannon, she loves green. The second is for Bec, Shannon's housemate, not sure what her favourite colour is, so I hope she likes it. The third is for Bec's daughter Amara, she is just 1 so no idea of favourite colours, but it is nice and sparkly so I am sure she will like it :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008



   My most recent Lo, my mum and I. I did this one for the birthday challenge. I didn't win, but mum's lo did LOL!

{Us} side flower{Us} top flower

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I {heart} Swap-bot. It is so much fun!! I really think if you are a good swapper and you don't flake you should join up :) It is free and easy. You can swap anything from art things to scrapping to food and makeup anything your little heart desires!  
I am hosting two swaps over there atm, one a Open theme ATC's - Australia ONLY which is 3 partners and 2 cards to each of them. As it is free theme it should be easy to make. The sign up closes on the 10th- which is really the 11th as the site is American. The last day to mail your stuff is the 10th of Jan.
The second swap I have on the go is, Recycled Christmas Card ATCs -Aussie only which is 2 partners and 2 cards to each of them. The idea with this one is you recycle your Christmas cards and make atc's out of them. The sign up closes on the 1st of Jan- which is really the 2nd . The last day to mail your stuff is the 11th of Jan.
If your new to Swap-bot and I know you personally, from swapping elsewhere, then PM me on Swap-bot and I will let you join in :) 

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

October Prize Pack and Music Atc's

Prize October

See I said yesterday I had more to post :) Here is my prize pack from Allcraftz for October. I got to choose my own gear for that month, and I went wild and spent most of the money on stamps LOL. I got all four Penny Black sets, I just love them they are too cute! I also have 2 more single stamps coming and an Autumn Leaves Alphabet stamp set coming, but they were really bought out of CC money and my own (I went over lol). I had a voucher for $200 and still couldn't keep to budget muahah. I am bad!
The papers are for Mum for Xmas she is mad about owls so I got them for her. Some of the littler stamps I am going to give away for prizes for those girls doing the BOM that I have been running through Allcraftz.


Music atc closeThe colour is WAY out on this close up of my music ATC, but if you click in to enlarge it, it shows the texture better.

Music AtcsMusic ATC's that I made for Stamphappy Yahoo Group. I had lots of fun making these, lots of mess, but lots of fun. Check out the cute wings, my first ever wings lol.

Monday, December 08, 2008


made by redcrystal  This is an altered letter (can you guess which though?? lol) I made it for Ali over at Swabot. I had fun doing it, is the first altered letter that I have done in ages! I was so excited I forgot to get a photo lol poor girl had to email me one :)
OK I had way more to blog but after spending 2 and 1/2 hours getting to the post office and home I am spent, so I will blog the rest later. In the mean time, you can't wonder what I did at the P/o lol.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recent ATC's

Well well, aren't you lucky I have blogged more than once this month LOL. Ok here are some ATC's I have made this week...

These are for the Allcraftz swap

"Christmas Theme"


"Sexy Theme"




"where I live"


"Frog theme"


"Christmas Tree theme"




"Stars Theme"