Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Peace star close Shannon Door Hanger 1 shannon Door Hanger bottom shannon Door Hanger top Bec Door Hanger Amara Door Hanger Amara Fairy

The first item (Peace) is made for Neca at swapbot. Who is the most patient person. I hope she likes it, I have made it for our scavenger hunt. The E is a close up.
The next 3 are door hangers and close up's of parts of those. The first is for my best mate Shannon, she loves green. The second is for Bec, Shannon's housemate, not sure what her favourite colour is, so I hope she likes it. The third is for Bec's daughter Amara, she is just 1 so no idea of favourite colours, but it is nice and sparkly so I am sure she will like it :)

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