Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How To : Butterfly ATC's

This swap was for YSB, the theme was Butterfly. These are my ATC’s. I really like them they are bright and very shimmery in RL.

Butterfly ATC's Butterfly ATC

I was asked how I made these so I thought I'd put the answer here so you can all share in it.

Firstly I stamped with Versamark.
I have a plastic paint pallet(from the reject store) that has Tim Holtz re-inkers in it also has perfect pearls in some of the colours and I just add water when I need to use the colour. So for the background, I rewet the colours I needed and on a piece of white cardstock did a real wet wash mixing the colours slightly.
Then while that was drying on white cardstock I stamped the butterfly in Versamark, then pounced on perfect pearls. (you can see a vid on how to do this on Tim Hotlz blog) misted it with water to set and then cut it out and added the bling.
Stamped the prase and then added the butterfly to the ATC.
Lots of fun!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Been a little slack

Ok I’ve been a bit slack since getting home LOL I haven’t been to blog once, I think I outdid myself while away ;) Got home on the 16th of Nov, then went up to mum’s that weekend, ended up staying there until the Wednesday. She took me to Beauford so Michael could pick me up close to home. Was lovely catching up with her again! Had been so long since we’d seen each other, she left for her trip on the 19th of August.
Since I’ve been home I have done a little craft stuff. I made 3 cards for the Allcraftz 2nd Birthday.. Made my Wizard of Oz ATC’s and Christmas ATC’s for there too.. Made a couple of cards for a Paperstars swap.. Made a Zetti’ish card for a girl in America who ended up sending me 2 cards, because Michael hid her first one while I was away. So I thought it would be nice to make her a thankyou/apology. Hope you like looking! ChristmasThinking of You Happy Birthday My friend Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings Season's GreetingsCirque Dreams

Monday, November 16, 2009

Amost home time

Well our flights from KL were pretty good.. Food was not however lol!
Flying home today from Brissy to Melb. Looking forward to getting back and getting my clothes washed properly LOL.. Bath tub washing just isn't cutting it :) Was going to do some here at Shannon's but forgot yesterday. Will be so good to see Michael again!! Mum too, we haven't seen each other since she started HER trip on 17th August.. Been a while :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


We arrived in KL yesterday, have had an awesome time here today and yesterday. Got to go to bed now, waking in 5 hours for our flights :(
Has been a great holiday! Hope to have photos up soon. No where at the hotel here to plug the camera in to.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Well today we had huge plans.. And they kind of fell apart. We were going to go to the elephants, then museum, aquarium and then off to the 3 big stores in Phuket then the night markets.. BUT on the way to the elephants a motorcycle ran into us. He was ok thank god, but his bike didn't fare so well.
We got our lift to drop us just up from our hotel and we did a little shopping. We caught up with them later in the night and they ended up being at the police station for hours. It was the motorcycles fault, his brakes wouldn't work.
Ended up going back to the hotel, getting the elephant people to pick us up and we went and had the MOST AWESOME TIME riding the elephants. We also got to feed them and play with the gibbons :) Made it to the night markets, very busy, very hot but lots of fun :D Shopped lots!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lazy day?

This was my breakfast view.
Today was supposed to be my lazy day. We got pedicures and I went to the net. We walked back to the hotel and I separated from the girls it was 1ish. Was just going to go for a swim, but ended up going for a walk for 'postcards' was further than I recalled so after I got them I walked on to Juncelon shopping center (omg it was SO far in the heat!) got there around 3ish. Walked around and shopped for a 'little while'. Wasn't planning on being long as we were going to the night markets.... BUT I obviously got caught up because the next thing it was 7ish :O walked around for 10 mins til I got a cheap cab and scooted back to the hotel and 2 worried friends! We skipped the markets, doing them Sunday.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Phi Phi Tour

Had an awesome time out on the speed boat we toured 7 islands but only stopped on 3 islands and snorkled of the boat at another location. It was great fun. I was sad to see all the damaged coral from the tsunami in 2005. There are so many broken and dead pieces. There were lots of fish however. Though I am sure before it would have been prettier. I would have liked to stop longer than we got to, but for A$103 I think we had a pretty full and fun day.

When we got home we went for a walk to the 'market' like shops and I bought lots of stuff. Can't say too much as some is presents, but I managed to spend 1500 baht (A$50) with ease LOL but feel I got good bargains :)
Haven't been able to shop for Michael yet as he measured his clothes before I left, but they just don't seem right.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Big day

Been a big one here, been to the zoo, to the cobra show, been to the big budha, bought snacks. Managed to spend like $75. Only have 140 baht of the $200 I got changed in Aus left LOL
Off to Phi Phi tomoz.
Here are some pics of todays fun :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Oh had such a good day so far (it's just after 4pm) have been swimming and shopping, had the first of our buffet breakies at our hotel. Ooh so yummy so much to choose from. It's awesome. I had fried rice and noodles, bacon and sausages, toast and err.. something else lol also 3 glasses of pineapple juice :D
Feeling so much better today, was over hot yesterday and didn't achieve alot, but had a good day none the less. Had a late swim too :)
Off for a massage soon, can't wait.
Bought myself a Louis Vuitton mini luggage bag, got it for 1000 Baht (about $32) SO STOCKED!

OK again apologies for the photos being everywhere. I hope you like my bag like I do :D

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Have arrived safe and sound in Phuket, has been a really long 24 + hours. Will try to get photos on tomorrow. Really warm here. Haven't shopped yet, but have already had a couple of feeds LOL!
Had pretty great flights though our one from Brissy to K.L was very bumpy!
Post some pics tomoz!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Play time

Well I got to meet Linda and Robyn today. Had a great day! Did lots of playing with new products and experimenting. I definately need (NEED!! Not just want!) lots of new powders and pastes :) Hopefully when I come back from O/s I can still afford some.
Here are photos of us all scrapping/creating and the things we made. Unfortuately I am using this online blog editior and it is rather crap, so I apologise that all the pics are in crazy mode, it won't go any better!!!
Talk to you all from Thailand :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holidays begin..

Left home on Saturday, had a pretty awesome flight. Was quiet bumpy getting in to Brisbane there was a storm brewing so lots of minor turbulence. Otherwise it was all good. The girls were ready waiting for me as we got held up on the run way for about 15 mins.

I so knew I was in Qld the minute I stepped off the plane, you can just feel the humidity.. heaven help me O/s haha! Didn't do much but lots and lots of chatting for the rest of Saturday.
On Sunday I caught up with Katie we went and had tea at the Malaya Hut. Was awesome! We both stuffed ourselves full!! Hoping to catch up with Katie again on Friday. Will be good!
Monday we went down to the bank in the city and got some Ringgits and Baht. Was very exciting!! So have a little here now to play with and learn which is which before we get on the streets lol.

On Tuesday we went to a few mates for a BBQ and lots of laughs! Was a great evening. Food, friends and laughs, who could ask for more??
This weekend I am catching up with Robyn and Linda from allcraftz, it's going to be a top meet up I just know it!! I can't wait to check out Robyn's works up close and personal.
Ok I think that's it! Getting exciting, we leave here Monday night.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Travel Time

CIMG7625So today’s the day I fly up to Brisbane. I have all my clothes organised, got all my bits and bobs ready. I have some new clothes to take with me. I’ve put the photos here. (Mostly so my mum can check them out LOL).

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.. Really all I need is my bank card and my passport, but still, you just know you’re going to forget something hahah.

I’ll be up in Brissy until the 31st Oct or 1st of Nov, then we fly out to Malaysia, arriving at some early hour. We then catch another flight to Thailand a couple of hours CIMG7639later. We are there until the 12th then we fly back to Malaysia stay two nights and leave and get back to Brisbane on the 14th of Nov. I stay in Brissy until the morning of the 16th and then I fly home :)

While I am away hope that I can update my blog often for all you that follow along. Hope you all get lots of scrapping done so I have heaps of inspiration for when I bring home TONS of photos that must get scrapped LOL

CIMG7646   CIMG7635  CIMG7629

Girl Inchies

Here are my lovely girl inchies for YSB, I made seven of the same, and seven that are almost the same, just with a different girl. 6 is all that was needed for the swap, but I make an extra for my mother :D
Thanks for looking!
CIMG7563 CIMG7557 CIMG7562 CIMG7565 CIMG7556 CIMG7554 CIMG7544