Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Oh had such a good day so far (it's just after 4pm) have been swimming and shopping, had the first of our buffet breakies at our hotel. Ooh so yummy so much to choose from. It's awesome. I had fried rice and noodles, bacon and sausages, toast and err.. something else lol also 3 glasses of pineapple juice :D
Feeling so much better today, was over hot yesterday and didn't achieve alot, but had a good day none the less. Had a late swim too :)
Off for a massage soon, can't wait.
Bought myself a Louis Vuitton mini luggage bag, got it for 1000 Baht (about $32) SO STOCKED!

OK again apologies for the photos being everywhere. I hope you like my bag like I do :D


Danielle said...

OK, Im quite jealous now and I am missing thailand!
I cant wait for bali next year - even if its for 2 days!

Enjoy liz and be safe xx

MrsDB said...

What? a better bag than the painted shopping one we made ? LOL