Friday, November 06, 2009

Phi Phi Tour

Had an awesome time out on the speed boat we toured 7 islands but only stopped on 3 islands and snorkled of the boat at another location. It was great fun. I was sad to see all the damaged coral from the tsunami in 2005. There are so many broken and dead pieces. There were lots of fish however. Though I am sure before it would have been prettier. I would have liked to stop longer than we got to, but for A$103 I think we had a pretty full and fun day.

When we got home we went for a walk to the 'market' like shops and I bought lots of stuff. Can't say too much as some is presents, but I managed to spend 1500 baht (A$50) with ease LOL but feel I got good bargains :)
Haven't been able to shop for Michael yet as he measured his clothes before I left, but they just don't seem right.

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