Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lazy day?

This was my breakfast view.
Today was supposed to be my lazy day. We got pedicures and I went to the net. We walked back to the hotel and I separated from the girls it was 1ish. Was just going to go for a swim, but ended up going for a walk for 'postcards' was further than I recalled so after I got them I walked on to Juncelon shopping center (omg it was SO far in the heat!) got there around 3ish. Walked around and shopped for a 'little while'. Wasn't planning on being long as we were going to the night markets.... BUT I obviously got caught up because the next thing it was 7ish :O walked around for 10 mins til I got a cheap cab and scooted back to the hotel and 2 worried friends! We skipped the markets, doing them Sunday.

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