Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Proposition

I got this awesomely outrageous letter from my best friend, Katie who lives in Brisbane... I don't know what the chances are, but by god she is a great sales woman, I love the idea...

Hey there mate,
I am just gonna throw an outrageous idea out there. I am actually considering going to perth for a weekish at the start of February if I can raise enough funds before then to pay for it. How would you feel about joining me. This idea is inspired by the fact that the Gold Coast Big Day Out sold out before I could buy any tickets, so we have put our names down for the online ballot to hopefully get some of the last tickets but I was thinking maybe I could just go to another one. I thought about Melbourne but I reckon the Perth atmosphere (like the type of people) would be way frendlier, and I have always wanted to see the sun set over the ocean. I will still have a while of uni holidays left and wont be in black out for work so I thought if I could convince you to join me - WE WOULD HAVE THE TIME OF OUR LIVES. Mick could come if he wanted, but I was thinking, Katie and Liz, by themselves, in an unfamiliar city, for a week, with alcohol. It would be awesome. I just figured if I am going to go to Perth for the Big Day Out then I might as well pay a bit more and have a week over there, in the sun, in the hotel pool/spa. Oh it's making me want to go more just thinking about it. Anyway, consider it, and let me know what the possibility and probability of it is. :)
Love always,
Katie xxx

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Animals take over

We have had a heap of animals around in the last few days. I am not sure whether it is because it has been getting hotter. I went out to put the rubbish in the bin(who says I never do that lol)

I got quiet a shock when I saw the little Roo, not that it scared me, just that I wasn't expecting to see it lol.
Here are millions of ?Ibis' that descended on to the condo lawn, there must have either been lots of bugs in the ground or possibly the sprinklers had been on and there was water... I have never seen so many there before.