Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holidays begin..

Left home on Saturday, had a pretty awesome flight. Was quiet bumpy getting in to Brisbane there was a storm brewing so lots of minor turbulence. Otherwise it was all good. The girls were ready waiting for me as we got held up on the run way for about 15 mins.

I so knew I was in Qld the minute I stepped off the plane, you can just feel the humidity.. heaven help me O/s haha! Didn't do much but lots and lots of chatting for the rest of Saturday.
On Sunday I caught up with Katie we went and had tea at the Malaya Hut. Was awesome! We both stuffed ourselves full!! Hoping to catch up with Katie again on Friday. Will be good!
Monday we went down to the bank in the city and got some Ringgits and Baht. Was very exciting!! So have a little here now to play with and learn which is which before we get on the streets lol.

On Tuesday we went to a few mates for a BBQ and lots of laughs! Was a great evening. Food, friends and laughs, who could ask for more??
This weekend I am catching up with Robyn and Linda from allcraftz, it's going to be a top meet up I just know it!! I can't wait to check out Robyn's works up close and personal.
Ok I think that's it! Getting exciting, we leave here Monday night.

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