Thursday, September 11, 2008

Card making madness

As some of you will know there is a card drive for Victorian farmers, which will be given out in Christmas hampers for them to give away to their friends and families when they need a card. I posted it as a topic, so if you want to have a read here it is... Rak Victorian Farmers. The Christmas cards I have made, may go to the actual farmers, or to my friends lol, will have to find out if she needs any Christmas ones ;)

CIMG4962 This is a card for a male, not really happy with it. Just never went the way I wanted lol.
CIMG4964 I like this card. It is cute. Well the stamps are hehe. This is for a child.
CIMG4966 To toot my own horn I really like this card hehe. I think I did a pretty good job :D Again, the stamps are just so cute, how could you not do a good job?
CIMG4968 This card I made after watching a demo at Roz's online SU party. I used 2 new embossing folders, new BG paper and new sentiment stamp that I got from the lovely Ebony. The rose stamp is one I have had for a year or so, love it :)
CIMG4973 This one is similar to the above, but instead of the embossing folder I used a text stamp, which is more like Roz's one. I made 2 like this.
CIMG4970 I like this Christmas card. The photo doesn't show it right, but where the red ends on the left the card itself is finished (the white you see after is the paper I took the photo on). When it opens the green circle stays on the bottom. I used my new embossing border file on this card. Made 3 of these.

This card I made using a cricut cut file, my new embossing file, 3 new stamps and a sentiments stamp.


Anonymous said...

beautiful stuff red. I might have to get you to stamp a few of those little creatures for me as they are just too cute.

Danielle said...

I am loving the animal stamps
I want them, LOL. They are just too cute.

Love the cards. Cant wait to see some more

TribeRingers said...

Great cards and well done on helping out those in need. :)