Monday, June 09, 2008


Mate!!! I have had the best time ANSD was the best event ever!! The top of ALL Internet parties, heck the top of all REAL parties!! I have so much to tell, I don't know where to start!!!! I am going to do a post about ANSD tomorrow (well that would be later today) but here is the Icing, the Crème Da La Crème.


"This prize is the official Allcraftz National Scrapbooking Day Award. It goes to one person who was in her element the entire day! She was entertaining, helpful, attentive, and more! If anyone asked a question about anything she was quick to answer- or get the answer if she didn't know it- and went out of her way to be a fantastic unexpected addition to help things go smoothly. She was also an active member leading up to the day, and a valuable asset to our member list. This person, simply for being herself, has been awarded the Allcraftz National Scrapbooking Day Award for Outstanding Excellence in All Areas. Her Prize is one you will all want... she will receive free product once per month for the next 6 months including high quality NEW release items. As they come in a package will be chosen and sent to her before anything even is listed. The total value of her items will exceed $1000. And the winner is................


I was so excited, couldn't wait, which one of my beautiful friends was going to win this tremendous prize...

2 Mins and 10 seconds later...


The winner is............ ELIZABETH *name in hiding*




THAT'S ME~!~ I just sat dumbfounded, literally. Mouth open wide as could be, and for the first time in my life SILENT.. Well apart from the incoherent aaahh hahah oohoh hahah gaahh sounds coming out of my wide open mouth.

I can't thank Ebony enough!! This is such a wonderful prize! It is a wonderful honour.  Thank you Allcraftz! She is so naughty, because she told us all there would be prizes and what they were, the raffles etc, she mentioned that there would be a 'kindness' one or something along those lines, but she said prize, not MOTHER OF ALL PRIZES!


Danielle said...

YAY! COngrats LIZ, If you need any best friends you know where to Find Meeeeee *annoying Voice*

pmsl - Just kidding hun, good on you and ENJOY!

TribeRingers said...

Glad to hear you had a great time at ANSD, we were happy to have you there.

And a BIG congrats on your person of the day win, that is fab and well deserved!

See you in the Allcraftz Forum buddy.