Thursday, June 19, 2008

A few weeks of happy mail

All the goodiesI have been so spoilt over the last couple of weeks, not only have I won a couple of fantastic prizes. But the girls on the Allcraftz Forum have been sending me Raks (Random Act of Kindness) as part of our monthly Rak list.
I have gotten a lovely rak from Anna, Sharon, Cherie, Ruby and Avie.
I wish I had taken photos of all my goodies now so I could share them (actually you can see a little of Sharon's great little note book in the photo with the HUGE flowers) I really love what everyone has sent me. It is so great to open up mail with yummy goodies in it. Big thanks to Ruby for the DST! You have no idea how much I needed it :)
Felt Fusion and RoseAvie 'owed' me a COM (ColourWind Chimes of the Month) for the Feb/March COM. But we had held off her sending it as she wanted to send us a house warming gift. Avie had been running behind on sending it but sent it on Thursday. To my delight I opened the door to receive a PIZZA box lol, I thought it must have been an order, but no it was my goodies from Avie. Bling and HUGE Flowers
There was a lot of awesome scrapping gear, yummy herbs and two (TWO) beautiful wind chimes!!! The wind chimes took a bit to get up, (the heaviest one falling down, and having me {stupidly} sticking my foot out to 'catch' it.. which hurt lol).

I can't wait to plant my herbs!! I have also gotten some seeds off of Bubblefrog in a WW (wishing well) and also I think I got some from LouLou for a COM/WOM (Word of the month). If I didn't get seeds I know LouLou sent me some AWESOME gloves which I like using while I am out gardening.


TribeRingers said...

That was such a great booty to receive, it's all so lovely. Well deserved and it came from a sweet lady too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz. I just found your blog. I'm so glad you liked your housewarming gifts.

I am quite forgetful these days. I know that I visted your blog before. I think? Anyway have a great day. Love your blog!