Sunday, June 01, 2008

JAM packed!!

Here is the schedule for ANSD at Allcraftz on the 7th of June, if you haven't joined the forum yet DO SO!! I haven't posted the prize list yet.. I will do that tomorrow ;) It is going to ROCK! You can even get 'popped' which is getting prizes for just being in the forum!!

9:00am   Here we go! A brief introduction & welcome, with some rules for comps listed
9:15am   Children's Chinese Whisper challenge details listed with roster
       AND Kid's first mini Cyber Crop (CC) style challenge listed
9:30am   CLASS- Basic Grey Mini Album class with Hannah
9:45am   Adult's 1st CC style challenge listed
10:00am   Treasure Hunt (a sample of this was in a previous newsletter- this is a larger version)
10:30am   Product Challenge details listed (for those receiving free product for this challenge)
10:45am   Essay Competition details listed- "In 250 words of less" style.
11:00am   DEMO- Sharon will be demonstrating a fantastic product for us
11:15am   Product Launch #1
11:30am   Puzzle Game (Find-A-Word)
12:00pm   CLASS- Mini Album with Sandra
12:15pm   What's That Game
12:30pm   Kid's 2nd mini CC  style challenge listed
12:45pm   Adult's 2nd CC style challenge listed
1:00pm   Break (Lunch)
1:30pm   Product Launch #2
1:45pm   Quiz Game
2:15pm   Raffle draw #1
2:30pm   Kid's Drawing Competition details listed
2:45pm   Puzzle Game (Crossword)
3:00pm   Break
3:15pm   Scavenger hunt- there are two separate ones, one for kids & one for adults
3:45pm   Kid's 3rd mini CC challenge listed
4:00pm   CLASS- Hannah's Daisy D's Card Class
4:15pm   Product Launch #3
4:30pm   Adult's 3rd CC style challenge listed
4:45pm   Raffle draw #2
5:10pm   POP FEST! 20 minutes of multi-fast popping!!
5:30pm   Special Competition
6:00pm   Break (Dinner)
7:00pm   Kid's Speak- Kid's Prize list, Chinese Whisper winner, etc
7:20pm   Special Project Challenge
7:30pm   Adult's Final CC style challenge listed
7:45pm   CLASS- Hannah's Infuse Class
8:00pm   Game (Where is it?)
8:15pm   POP FEST!
8:30pm   Final Puzzle Game
8:45pm   Winners Announced
9:00pm   Award Ceremony and Close.

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Ruby Claire. said...

It's going to be SUCH an AWESOME day!! :D:D