Sunday, February 04, 2007

DAY 2 traveling around Perth

As it was going to be 40 degrees Celcius today, Auntie Pauline decided it would be a good idea if we all went for a drive around, rather than just sitting at home in the aircon, we may as well do the same in the airconditioned car. End the end a picnic was formed, we drove for hours looking at the sites. We headed through the Swan Valley, and stopped at the "Cola Museum" in Toodyay for a cool drink, strangly enough not cola lol. I took a photo while there of the old 'Connors Mill'

We stopped at the first pumping station/dam, for the pipe line that runs water up to kalgoorlie so we all jumped out in the nasty (NASTY) weather, and all contemplated jumping in the dam.

We continue driving until we came to a nice park, where we sat and had our yummy food, there were some strange statue things, which when we first got to the park we were not sure if they were real people or not. hahaha
Here is Pauline, Katie and Peter ready to organise the picnic.

We decided that we should should shout Pauline and Peter to tea, so we grabbed Chinese at there favourite resturant. It was fantastic!! Nice to have a change from our local. Anyhow here is a pic of Pauline and Katie about to tuck in. Note the great setting Peter chose!! A lovely evening we had. Now to get to bed for the Big Day Out

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Thumper said...

Sounds like Liz is having a blast. Love reading the blog and seeing what is happening from day to day. I was in WA myself only a couple of months ago and spent 2 weeks touring around from Karatha to Albany, i am yet to post pics and comments on my blog. Am enjoying reading your running commentary Elizabeth. Have fun and enjoy the holiday. Derek & Jenny (Bundaberg)