Saturday, February 03, 2007

DAY 1 in Perth

I am safe and sound in WA. We arrived on the first at 4.15pm Wa time. Katie and I are staying with my Aunty Pauline and her husband Peter, we are having a wonderful time and have been well looked after. Peter has been doing all the cooking, and is a wonderful cook. We had a wonderful curry last night, well 3 actually one beaut fish curry, a (OMG WONDERFUL) beef curry and a pretty darn good reason to eat lentils, curry. We went to the city yesterday, and spent alot of it lost.... Well, ok, we got to town ok, and even got a free ride on the bus. I think because we asked the bus driver where would be the best place to get off as we are both from interstate. Anyhow this Nz'er heard our plight and decided she would help us out. An Indian bloke behind us gave us some directions as well. The girl from NZ actually got off the bus and walked us around a bit which was awesome. The getting lost part was really trying to get home. We were at the bus station and couldn't figure out which bus to take there was like 4 lanes of buses and each time one pulled up we ran over and asked the driver if this was the one we needed. In our journey into town we never bothered to look what street we had caught the bus from, so this didn't make life much easier. Finally after trying about 6 different buses we got a 'new' driver who was able to tell us where our bus left from lol... which was NOT the main depo lol, so we walked ALL the way back around where we'd come from, asked random people where we should go and made our way to the stop. When there we asked a bloke which bus he was on and even though it was a different one than the one we were going to go on he told us to get on and we would be close to where we needed to be. He was right, although in the opposite direction than where we left from we ended up a block from 'home'. Today is going to be 40 degrees C so we're not venturing out by ourselves, instead our hosts are taking us out to the bush.. Here's hoping we don't get lost hahah

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