Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day 3

Peter and Pauline took us to Cottesloe so we could get our room and drop of our bags. They then drove us to the Claremont Showgrounds where the BDO was being held. On the way there was a car load of young people in front of us and the guy in the back obviously didn't have his seatbelt on, Pauline commented on this and then said "oooh I don't have mine on either" we all cracked up laughing and couldn't control ourselves for a few minutes. I am not sure how Peter managed to keep driving.

Big Day Out
WOW, what a day it was awesome I saw so many cool bands, there was a few bands that I didn't think would be that great but turned out to be fantastic and there was one band that I found to be a little disapointing. The first group we saw was "The Herd" they are not the sort of music I listen to, but they were so energetic and full of life that you just couldn't help but like their stuff. They do a cover of "I was only nineteen" by !?!?!?!?! and they brought him on stage to help with the song. It was so fantastic, both Katie and I had goosebumps and had tears in our eyes. He also did a statement before the song and the crowd just went wild. It was along the lines of "we have to stop sending our young Australians to fight other peoples battles, no more taking them from their families. We need {use today} to send a message to John Howard and Peter Costello that we've had enought, that we don't support this war but we always support our troops." He then dedicated it to the 500 Australian troops lost in Vietnam.
The rest of the acts I saw were, Evermore, Scribe, Spank Rock, DJ Mark Murphy, Eskimo Joe (a little disapointing), John Butler Trio, Something For Kate, You am I (FREAKING AWESOME!!), Tool, Crystal Method DJs.
The last show finished at 11pm, we had to wandered around to the taps because I got something sticky in my shoe and I wanted to wash it out, and we found a tray of cold diet cokes lol so we flogged two, then we filed our way to the extremely busy train station, where about 500 people got on the same train as us.
Luckly a two Pommy girls got off at Cottesloe with us and were heading to the same Backpackers so we followed them for a while then we walked the rest of the way by ourselves. I was tired by the time we got home so I showered and went to bed, Katie went downstairs for the rest of the evening, and got home around 3am.

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