Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Day 5

Got up at 8am, rushed to dress and get downstairs by 8.30 to catch the bus, which didn't arive until 9ish, got to the city caught the Red Cat to stop three, rushed down the street to the car hire place. Katie got instructions back to Cottesloe, but the lady said go left instead of right, so we drove for 20 mins in the wrong direction. Turned around and headed back to the city, I managed to lead us back to Cottesloe where we ran around madly trying to pack our bags as we were 30 mins past check out. I had rung them on our journey to let them know what was happening so they were fine about it. We drove to Peters to get some stuff I had stored there and got a map, then we headed to Geraldton. We got to the Belair Caravan Park and found the rooms we had wanted (but never booked) didn't have any left, that the only ones that were available were 100 a night, so we went down the road to the Backpackers... We had to climb to the first level where we found a nice man, he said they had no double rooms but that he would give us a dorm room for the same price, we had a look and said ok... he then told us to drive around the back and by the time we got our bags up the stairs he would have the room swept and the beds made. When we drove around the back we noticed a toilet block, we then started to get scared that this was the only toilets, we also started discussing the fact there was no fan or anything in the room.. So we ran away HAHA. We went back to the c'van park and got the expensive unit, but instead of $300 for the three nights it was only $260 so we were really glad we came back. The original rooms we were hiring were going to work out as $228, and with these they have two bedrooms, a kitchen/lounge and a bathroom.

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