Monday, August 24, 2015

End of week wrap-up

So week 1 done and dusted, in all fairness Sunday was the end of the week and we actually went away on Friday night to my mothers place, so food wise, we lost some opportunities to eat out of the pantry. We also got home late today (Monday).
I am very pleased with the results so far though.
We only bought 2 bread, 2 milk, 2 tubs of yoghurt and some salad vegetables.

 We used up completely -
7 frozen meals
1 frozen veg,
1 bag cooked chicken
1 packet of cake mix
4 containers with small amounts of pasta
2 frozen chicken stock
1 roast (turned out that was corned beef)
1 cooking sauce (Kantong style)
2 bottles pasta sauce
2 bags of bacon
1 bag dehydrated peas
1 wholegrain bun
1 packet vegie delights
1 part bag sushi rice

I also swapped my mother a packet of normal cous cous for a packet of pearl cous cous. While at mum's I also acquired a few more things, so I've already thought about how to use them up.

I made up 3 types of new meals for Michael's freezer food, I think I added 15 or so in total, which is now enough to see him through while I'm away. He also has some canned soups etc to eat up, and that will break up the 5-6 types of meals he has in the freezer.  

I leave on Saturday arvo, so that gives me 4 days to eat from the pantry before I leave!!

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