Monday, August 17, 2015

Eating down the pantry!

So lately I've been reading about eating down the pantry, and it's something I seriously need to do! I've organised my pantry a few times over the last couple of years, but I never seem to make a dent in what is already there, we just seem to add new and exciting foods to what we had. Enough is enough! Time to Eat down the pantry!
So I am biting the bullet and doing the pantry challenge / freezer challenge! I only have 12 days until I go away for 1 month, so I am going to continue on after I come home! I will be taking photos and putting them on my instagram account. :) I am planning on blogging it too, but I know myself, so be sure to check the insta a/c!
I have a ton of meals already made in my freezer, so that's going to make it easier. What is going to make it 'harder' is trying to stay to my lower calorie diet as I try and eat through the pantry.
I also need to make up a few more meals for the freezer for Michael, as he will be home alone while I'm away and never cooks for himself!!

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