Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Let there be cupcakes!!

Day 3~
Breakfast, porridge with P2B (omg sooo good)
Lunch, Pulled pork and a bun from the freezer and salad
Dinner, Thai Chicken Curry from the freezer!
Snacks, rice cakes, dip, cupcakes, fruit.

First of all, wow P2B in porridge, such a great idea! I only had one 'serve' of P2B in porridge, but next time I make it (possibly tomorrow lol) I will try a 1 1/2 serves.

I am so glad I finally used that packet cake mix, it was well out of date (I think it went 'bad' in 2012 lol), they taste great and 10 hours after eating, I'm not dead, so I think I shall live through some very out of date cake powder ;) I pulled out the roast meat, am waiting for it to defrost, I think it is the lamb (YAY!), tomorrow I will probably put it in the crock pot. I also made the pasta for Michael's meals. Have to freeze those tomorrow.
Goals for tomorrow, cook roast thing, freeze pasta meals, continue eating down the pantry/freezer :D I am not planning to blog again until the end of the week, so if you want to see what I made, check my Instagram ;) At the end of the week I'll do a summary!

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