Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Home Sweet Home!

I have returned home from my month away (house sitting for my best mate, for the most part- while away I actually cleaned out a great chunk of their pantry :D haha, crazy!). I took 3 bags of snack items from my pantry away with me and ate most of it. What I didn't eat I've made the effort and eaten up since I came home! Michael has eaten a good deal of his meals up (yay!) and also eaten a bunch of canned soup/insta meals, so very happy there. I've caught up my inventory sheets, as he'd not kept up with that (lol what else would you expect??).

For the last week I've not really eaten much of my pantry. I have used up a couple of small things, but mostly it's been finding my feet, so have been using up my supply of freezer meals. So far this week I used up, chilli sauce, dressing, box of vegie delights, 1 bag bacon (was 3 pieces in a bag lol), a heap of roast meat that was frozen (we used it to make a quick and easy dinner on Sunday night), used about 6-8 frozen meals.

On the weekend we went up to my mothers for the footy grand final (let down, the West Coast Eagles lost :( ), while I was there I picked up a few pantry supplies that mum no longer wanted (this happened last time I was there too haha), so I will work them into my use up pile!
Plans for the coming week -
Make a healthy mac cheese for me
Use up some frozen chicken and make a curry type meal for Michael
Make a batch of biscuits for Michael using up fruit and or nuts from the cupboard
Continue to use down and not buy pantry type supplies from the shops!

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