Monday, October 19, 2015

Another week eating down the pantry!

Had a pretty successful week! Made up everything that I planned last week, even got the milk on special for the mac cheese, 20c a litre!!
In the last 10 days I've used up -
several frozen meals for Michael and I, frozen roasted meat, dressing, 3 coconut water, 2 (partial) packets dried fruit, (partial) packet SR flour, 2 jars sauce, 2 steak, 1 bacon bag, 500g chicken packet, bag of wraps (only had a few in it, 2 packets of cheese sauce, (partial) box cereal, pasta pack, 2 frozen cheese containers, tomato paste, 5 small tubs of yoghurt(frozen) and 1 bag of frozen veggies

I made:
Country Womens Association Biscuits and Slices: Quick and Easy Biscuits

I also made some muffins, using up bits and pieces from the cupboard. 

I made up a double batch of chocolate custard using the cheap milk and pre mix I'd made up years ago!!Into the freezer I added, honey mustard chicken, curry lamb and Mexican beef for Michael and for myself mac cheese!!
No plans for the next week, I'm riding my 200km charity ride on Sat and Sunday, so an easy week eating down what ever we manage.

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