Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 1 Day 3

Well I had a busy day today. My great friend Tracey rang me up and came over to my house to collect her table from Scrapping the other night. She surprised me with cake, belated, for my birthday and also for Holly’s birthday. So we went over to Holly’s and shared the cake joy :)

I had a small portion of the cake (which was a delicious Jam, Cream Sponge cake). For eating the cake I traded in 1 bread, 1 dairy, 3 fat and 1/2 a fruit serve. I thought I could do with out the extra sugar from the fruit lol not that the jam counted for 1/2 a serve of fruit :)
Later I had an appointment then Michael and I had to go shopping (again right?). This time it was a wedding present, pants for said wedding and a tie. I got myself a couple of kitchen goodies while out and about Winking smile
Anyhow tea was supposed to be fish and salad, but when I got home I discovered that the fish (which the boy chose) was FROZEN so I ‘stole’ steak that is an up and coming meal and we had that instead lol. Here is my meal.


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