Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Week 1 day 2

Well day 2 was a busy day. Went over to the shops here and then in the evening also went and did our grocery shopping for the rest of the week. Oh and went to the library lol. With all that I still managed to cook a roast meal.. that was delish Smile
For breakfast I traded in my cereal for bread and also my milk and fruit serve I turned into a banana milkshake. I added vegemite and tomatoes to my toast. Both ‘free’ items.


Moving on to lunch I had what felt like the most piggy sandwich.. I had 100g of ham, lettuce, puree apples and 'Spanish’ onion slices. I accidently forgot my butter, but the sanga was a ripper!


Delicious dinner, before going to the shops and library, I prepared my chicken maryland and also the veggies. When I came home all I had to do was put it all in the oven and make the quick salad.. Was a yummy and filling meal!


I managed 3 photos today, mostly because everything looked so good lol. There was more food (can you believe it??) consumed in the day as snacks, but I am only looking to take at least 1 photo. All other snacks were  on the plan Smile

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