Sunday, May 18, 2008

Help Me, Help Me

CIMG4382 CIMG4380 CIMG4379Do you know if this is a plant or a weed?


  Do you know what tree this is?

 CIMG4389 CIMG4388

Do you know what tree this is?


What about this one?

These are things in my new yard that I am not sure about. The top one plant/weed I am thinking about getting rid of but I want to know what it is. Same goes with the Strange twiggy tree.


TribeRingers said...

Sorry red, no idea. Hope you can find someone to identify them for you ASAP.

loulou said...

The first lot is perhaps a dahlia

The second lot definitely looks like nandina (or sacred bamboo) don't worry it isn't actually bamboo.

The third whooo! At first look I thought it was a cordyline.

The fourth - perhaps the new zealand christmas tree Metrosideros? Hard to tell with the photo, sorry.

Perhaps someone at your local nursery could identify them for you.