Monday, August 13, 2007

GOLD Hunting

Ever since we went to Ballarat last year in February Michael has had Gold Fever. When we still lived in Hillston there wasn't much he could do about his fever. He did buy himself a Metal Detector last year off Ebay. He used the metal detector while we were visting my long lost cousin in Pambula. I had to let him get the detector so that I could go to Pambula. I knew he would go if he could go gold hunting - interest in my Genealogy alone wasn't going to get him there lol.
Ever since moving to Victoria, Michael has been lucky enough to go gold hunting 4 or 5 times. In June he went gold hunting and I went visiting my mother in Horsham (she had just bought a house in Murtoa) he went of to Avoca and was lucky enought to actually find a small Nugget.
Last weekend we went to Avoca just over night so he could gold hunt but we didn't find anything unfortunatly.
This weekend we went and altought we didn't find any nuggets we did find small specks of gold while panning. We even bought a bucket of dirt to pan at home, so keep your fingers crossed, we might find some more yet LOL.

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