Monday, August 20, 2007

What is wrong?

Sometimes I get so angry at our government. So angry at the people who have everything, and don't give a dam about the little people. The ones getting squashed.
I have recently join a charity group called Knit4charity, and through them I learnt of a nice man, Borge Rasmussen, who runs his own charity called Care for Street Kids, he is almost 70 and I presume his wife to be near to that age, they go out daily giving children, adults and families in need, food, clothing and blankets. They have been doing this for about 15 years. They have a group of volunteers, who drive vans around to deliver goods. A lot of this work is done out of theses people's pockets and money donated to the cause... Just recently they went for a government grant and were turned down. WHY?? These people are helping FAMILIES LIVING IN CARS FOR HEAVENS SAKES!!! What kind of world are we living in when the tribe no longer cares to help each other? Do we have any hope? Why is it more important to get that new television? Or car?
I have decided I am going to help, I am helping in the knit4charities cause. I am going to knit things for people in need. You can help too, it doesn't have to be much but something counts!! You could write to the government asking for them to donate more public taxes to helping out AUSTRALIANS in NE ED, donate all your old clothes and items through charities rather than leave them on the side of the road for the garbage collectors. A lot of charities will come and pick up gear these days, so you don't even have to go out of your way... maybe you could be like my mother and let it rattle around in the boot for a while before you donate it when you go past a drop of point lol.. Have a garage sale and before you start set a certain % that you will donate to your favorite charity.
DO something, even if it is small, it will help someone else, and you will feel terrific!
To read the article about Borge go here. If your interested in helping out this charity ring 42265770 or 0419249929. If your a knitter or you have some wool/postage paid envelopes/stamps etc you'd like to donate to knit4charities please visit the group.

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