Friday, December 15, 2006

OMG -Some serious whinging going on here...

So the party was last night... It was so lame, well not lame as such just the 'manager & wife' who were 'hosting' the party never even spoke to like 1/2 the people. They stuck to their little group of "we're so much better than everyone else" people. Mind you most of us didn't mind as we can't stand him, or his off-sider, or their wives, their noses are so high in the air I imagine they are lucky planes don't fly up them.
The food was pretty crap, the 'hostess' bought it all at one of the wholesale places in Griffith.. First time that has happened, we always used to make the food so it used to be very fresh and yummo, this time it was even served in the containers it was bought in, so much for effort... The steak was horrible, ok well the steak was good, it is just that the 'host' cooked it and did a dreadful job, it was hard/crisp on the outside and it was dry in the middle. Mahrey TRIED to cook it, but master wouldn't (like normal) give up the reins.. In the end he ruined like $70 worth of meat.
Mick and I spent most of the time talking to people we liked, was good we all reminisced about different things.. One of the newer boys asked what was the most interesting 'your fired' story. Man there was alot of them.. One day I will write them all down so I don't forget them. There has been alot of 'interesting' times out here. I remember Johnno and I used to sit and wonder how so much can happen on a little farm in the middle of nowhere, we used to wonder if we were really on a reality tv show that was being broadcast to Germany... This was around the time we had 18 Chinese, 1 Taiwanese, and about 10 Korean's staying on the farm. I felt really sorry for the Taiwanese guy he couldn't speak Chinese or Korean and he knew very little English.
Oh we went at 6pm tonight to the barracks so we could eat left overs, they cooked up the ?last of the steak, did a better job but I didn't try it. Couldn't be bothered trying to chat to the hob nobs so sat inside and ate prawns with the other people that just didn't want to climb an invisible social ladder. Apart from anything who wants to be attacked by 30,000 flies when your trying to eat??
I have to laugh at them, they have all been on the farm for like under 1 year, who the blooming heck do they think they are??? They are so snooty it is sickening, the big boss (the owner), who is worth gazillions is so much nicer than any of these try hards. He is down to earth not like these people that have been hired. Grrr I wish he knew what a pain in the backside they are!
Ahh I feel somewhat better after a vent..

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