Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well I still can't post from Picasa... I read someone elses blog that said they had 'beta' and now could post with Picasa, so I tried and failed lol. I was able to log in here long enough though to grab the few posts I had done on my temp blog (tempredcrystalstar) I have even managed to upload this photo, but I still like Picasa better.. BLAAAAAH~ I hope it gets fixed soon!!
We are considering moving from here... Thinking about Melbourne, seems to be lots of jobs there, so Mick has been applying. I think he is going around the bend here. It would be good to move, be in a city.. ooooh could be fun! The only thing is if we go, we refuse to rent, we would be buying... So we would have to hit up his parents as well as my mum for a loan, well not even a loan. It would be more having them invest in a % of $ in our house and when we decide to sell it the get the same % back.. Which could be a good deal, if we do the place up a heap and put in a garden we might get more. It is very exciting to think about!!!!!

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