Friday, November 28, 2014

Mango and donation!

This smoothie is very similar to the Healthy Dark Chocolate Smoothie, I think I prefer the other one, but this was still pretty nice! The pineapple I had wasn't very sweet, but it did the job. So far I've not made one I hated, and I would have them all again. The only problem is the calories are a bit high, as is the sugar. Being on a calorie restricted diet means I do get a little hungry after these.
I've been going strong since Sunday diet wise! I had one breakout splurge and that was last night. I topped out at 1900 cals. Most other days I've been under 1300cals. I managed to get the the gym Monday for 2 classes. Thursday I slow rode 10kms delivering election material for a friend.
I'm hoping to see a good lose this week.
I also got a donation for my Ride to Conquer Cancer. Very happy!!
45 days until the cruise!!!

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