Thursday, May 20, 2010

Renewed faith

I have to say I am glad we went back to Hillston, even though it was for Darren’s funeral. It was lovely to see how the town had supported his family. When we got to town there we got our room and went to get Chinese. When we got to the counter there was a sign saying “Heidi’s freezer is full, please no more food, a tab has been organised at Milne’s (butchers)” When we got out to her place she told us how people had brought over heaps of supplies, one fellow even came out just to chop her wood, another brought a load of wood. The P and C, CWA and CFA all did the catering for the funeral and didn’t charge for it. It reminded me just how awesome a small town is. Fair enough they mightn’t have credit card facilities at 99% of the businesses, but they sure know how to support each other.  

When we left Hillston, I was so angry and even bitter at how we were treated at Cowl Cowl, with what Russel and Jim did, over time I’d really begun to hate Hillston as well. This has renewed my faith in that little town.

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