Saturday, March 06, 2010

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Car Accident/Insurance

Well I am really happy, mum got a call from the insurance agency and it looks like the lady’s insurance will pay out $3,400. The assessor actually looked at the car as a whole, not just the paint job, which honestly surprised us. We were expecting them to be stingy and go the low end of her market value, even though her car was in excellent working condition. One good thing, in August/Sept while mum was O/s she wanted us to go and get it repainted for her, but the cost was quiet high, so we didn’t.. Good thing too or a few months later it would have been a waste!!

Local Scrapping

Have been having a lot of scrapping with some of my local scrap-a-holics lol. It’s really great to scrap with others, I never achieve much, but I have a good time none the less. I got sick of carrying my stuff around in plastic bags, so I bought myself a tote. It was $62.50 from my LSS, it was down from $125 ;)


I am going on a local retreat. It’s held just out of Bacchus Marsh and is at the end of May. I am really excited. Kylie let me know about it, but quiet a few from our scrappy circle will be going. So it will be great!

ATC Challenge Blog

The girls have been doing so well keeping up. We’ve already given away a few prizes. Some more will be coming up soon. Week 26 is our big give away (you have to have done 26/26 ATC’s but if you haven’t been with us since the start that’s ok, you just need to get them all done by week 26.)

The way the year’s flying I’d best think of something for week 52 lol.

Inchies and ATC swaps

There’s another inchie swap on the group. Theme is Nature. I can’t wait to see what the girls come up with!! Signups are open until the 7th of March.
There is also a Wings ATC Swap, signups close on the 10th of March.

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