Sunday, August 02, 2009

Renovation Time

None of the usual long story blather.. OK I lie lol. I finally got sick of the nasty poo coloured walls in our house so I conned sweet talked Michael into helping me move all the furniture out of the lounge room. We have puttied, sanded, puttied some more and sanded some more :) Painting should begin tomorrow today (it’s now AM). We have to putty up more where the old air-con was (they did a bodgy job after they replaced the plasterboard). Once we’ve done that, we’ll sand some more, wash the walls and hopefully get the undercoat done. OK Bed time! Thanks for reading and for all the support girls!

CIMG6858 CIMG6859   CIMG6855CIMG6862CIMG6873CIMG6889 CIMG6883 CIMG6880CIMG6879CIMG6868


MARNIE said...

red it is going to look gorgeous. and when you are finished i have a whole house that needs doing too pmsl.

Chris said...

Great looking blog, great looking photos - looking forward to seeing the finished results.