Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cards cards cards


Wow talk about being in a crafting mood.. Ok I don’t know how much is me being in a creative mood and how much is me just procrastinating so that I don’t have to finish my travel ATC’s. Ugh! I have just gotten to a spot and now I have no idea what to do next.. bah!
So anyhow I’ve found this cool site, StampTv and they have some really cool challenges, so I have partaken in 4 of them and I am just trying to think of something for the 5th challenge. It’s another colour challenge. Now I know 4 cards in 4 days isn’t alot for some, but for me it is LOL. I really struggle. I spend way to long thinking about things.

STVTC22Anyhow the first card was a Colour challenge (red white and black) the second card was a technique challenge (smacking acetate), third card is a random challenge (I think it was haha) which was boy themed card and the forth card was a sketch challenge. Lots of fun. The girls there all seem to do a different type of card to me. I think that my style has changed a little from doing so many atc’s. I think I am developing my craft HAHA!
I hope you enjoy looking. Leave a comment if you wish. You know I’d love it ;)


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Kay Wallace said...

Hi, Liz! Thanks for sharing your travel ATCs. I am new (today) to your blog, and will definitely be back. I was a scrapbooker first (still am), but enjoy both creating cards and ATCs in my "SPARE" time. Please come visit my blog--brand new and aimed at beginning scrapbookers, but it will develop as we progress! I would love to feature some of your ATCs in the future! Here's my blogspot (hope you will sign up to "follow"):