Thursday, July 02, 2009


Bee's CardWow I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by. Last month at Allcraftz was NSD/W here are all the things I made for the challenges. Mostly the sketch challenges were all I achieved. I didn’t win anything though, I don’t even know who did win LOL. I did 4 caGroup 3 Sketch - Cardrds, 6 ATC’s and one Lo. Not bad for a weekends work. You could do the challenges over a week, but I find that too long and drawn out. I was thinking of
doing another Challenge but I ended up going off to Brisbane for the P!NK concert.
Pink was so AWESOME! I had the most fun. It was so hot and tiring too, we had to stand for ages, and sit on the ground lots Group 2 Sketch - Cardtoo. Was definitely worth it though. When she came out the pain disappeared lol. She talked to us all, gave lots of eye contact and the stunts she did were AMAZING!! I would go again!

Group 1 Sketch - CardGroup 1 Sketch - Lo

 Group 1 Sketch - atc1Group 1 Sketch - atc6Group 1 Sketch - atc3   
Group 1 Sketch - atc5Group 1 Sketch - atc4Group 1 Sketch - atc2

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