Friday, March 13, 2009

Purple Scraps Cyber Crop

10 CardsWell it is ages since I attended a Cyber Crop. Got my newsletter for Purple Scraps and thought I might attend this one. I haven’t done much scrapping or card making lately so I thought “why not”. I am so glad I went too. I did 2 Lo’s and 10 cards as part of 3 challenges. I am just starting the 4th challenge an A to Z of me. Luckily though we have until the 6th(ish) of April to get that done. The cards aren’t due til Monday the 16th, but I already did them :). I am so happy with them too. Lots of fun to make them as well. The conditions were that they were versatile, in that they didn’t have “happy birthday” or whatever on the front, so when you have an occasion you can just pull it out and go with it :) FamilyYou also had to do, 2 masculine, 2 feminine and 2 kids cards. The other 4 were up to us to decide what we wanted.
The Lo’s were fun to make too. So long since I last did one. I am surprised I wasn’t rusty :D One had to follow a sketch (our house) and the other (family) had to be something that gave you a ‘pick me up’. As I said on the forum. Michael and Mum give me a pick me up.. Unless I am ready to kill em :D
Our House

If I have done this right…. Click on the cards and you can have a look at a bigger image :)

card 6card 6 close upcard 5

Card 10 Card 10 Open Card 1 Card 8Card 2 card 7 Card 3 card 9card 4

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