Monday, March 30, 2009

One World One Heart

My poor ‘winner’. It seems after much searching and clearing of my desk that I accidentally gave the atc’s ment for her, away :( So I contacted her and she give her any and she would be happy. Now I didn’t actually give the last of the ones that was lost in the mail away, but alas I can’t find the darn things. So I have sent my winner (Elizabeth) these four. When the missing ‘friends’ ones turn up again. I will forward her one as a little thanks for being so patient with this forgetful atc-addict

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Margaret BurnsFrench FashionDreamsDreams2    

The first atc is my Great Great Grandmother Margaret Burns. I love that picture, so when I was looking for the ‘right’ image I thought of her photo.
The second atc is lovely and textured with the scrunched paper underneath with gold on top, then stamped and a cut-out on it.
The third is a stamped background, word stamp, and an embossed bird cut out of stamped cardstock. ALL TIM HOLTZ on that atc.. Well apart from the clear embossing powder ;)
The fourth atc is embossed image, embossed tape, punchy flower (cuttlebugged) and a colour wash using re-inkers and water.

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Omlordy you are hiding some major talent gal....your atc's are awesome I am green with envy for all that you can do!!! I love the Zetti ones they are quirky and bright and fun! I love know what I'll be here all night if I list what i like on your blog!!!LOL So its all great stuff!!!