Thursday, February 12, 2015

In Training :)

Things are finally happening for my Ride to Conquer Cancer, ride.
I have joined up a local (and awesome) riding group (Manor Lakes Cycle Group). Through our pretty wonderful council and the help of the ML-Cycle Group, Wheel Women was able to offer 5 or 6 lessons, ranging from how to change a tire, bike safety to how to ride in a group. All very important things for a future long distance rider to learn. The timing couldn't be better. First lesson was last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was advised (as I did already know) to put my seat up higher. It feels weird but I've put it up quite a bit lol.

ML-Cycle Group has regular rides, so hopefully a few more will pop up now that there are 15 odd new people involved in this group through the connection with Wheel Women.
Today I went for a ride with 2 fellow ML-CG's, I ended up cutting my ride shorter(about 4 kms) as it was closer to my house. Had a great time and was glad I kept up pretty well. Was tired towards the end haha.

I haven't been very actively fundraising. I really need to get back out there, see about doing something in the community. Time is flying!
Please consider sponsoring me :) Thank you

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