Monday, August 21, 2006

New Camera and replacement chooks

Michael went to China, and while he was there he bought a Casio Ex-Z1000... Needless to say I have called it my own :D It was my first full day with it (and him too since my return yesterday) I took the above photo as part of a Challenge that I am involved in. It is to help teach you different techniques and how to use a digital camera. The challenge was to take a close up of something and try to get the background out of focus. I was trying to get the flower in focus and have the rest out of focus, but just as I took the photo the thing I had holding the leaf down moved and the result was the leaf became the 'center attraction' I think it looks ok however. lol

One of the cameras features is it does "Illustration" type photos. Above is Mick, below is a "Replacement" Chook

They're not as friendly, they're not as cute, they're not my babies, but hopefully I can come to like them. They haven't done anything wrong, and they can't help that the person who bought them, is the person who owned the 'Killer' dog. :'(

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