Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bom - Friends

This is my friends page, on the back of each tag is a story about each person. There is also the journal box where I talk about how I am a chatterbox (isn't that ironic?).

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Altered Things : 3
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Other Projects : 4

Monday, August 21, 2006

New Camera and replacement chooks

Michael went to China, and while he was there he bought a Casio Ex-Z1000... Needless to say I have called it my own :D It was my first full day with it (and him too since my return yesterday) I took the above photo as part of a Challenge that I am involved in. It is to help teach you different techniques and how to use a digital camera. The challenge was to take a close up of something and try to get the background out of focus. I was trying to get the flower in focus and have the rest out of focus, but just as I took the photo the thing I had holding the leaf down moved and the result was the leaf became the 'center attraction' I think it looks ok however. lol

One of the cameras features is it does "Illustration" type photos. Above is Mick, below is a "Replacement" Chook

They're not as friendly, they're not as cute, they're not my babies, but hopefully I can come to like them. They haven't done anything wrong, and they can't help that the person who bought them, is the person who owned the 'Killer' dog. :'(

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bom: In the Beginning

This is me when I was about a day old, cute eh lol. I have done a write up about when I was born, my particulars and things that were going on in the world.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BOM Dedication

I am on a few different scrapbooking groups, one is running a Weekly BOM challenge. This is the Dedication page. Seeings as I don't have any children (yet) I have just dedicated it to those that follow. There are about 50 topics, I don't have to do all of them, or even half, but it is good motivation to get me scrapping. The next topic is: Your Beginning, which is all your birth details, weight, length, maybe a baby pic. I am looking foward to this one. Shall post it when it is done.

The Border and Vellum have been embossed.

L/O : 1
Altered Things : 2
Swaps : 8
Other Projects : 4

My Altered Clock

Yay my second altered item. It is just a $3 Warehouse clock. I think it is much better than a scungy $3 clock now :)

L/O : 0
Altered Things : 2
Swaps : 8
Other Projects : 4

Oh My Poor Babies

In March this year I bought 5 baby Chicks.
I love chooks, and these little gals (and a guy who I never heard crow, but had just started) lived inside for about 8 weeks, were hand fed (like ate off my hand) came running when they saw or heard me and were just the cutest.

Last week all my baby chickens were killed. A contractor on the farm had his dog off of the leash, Michael had forgotten to shut the pen up, and the dog got in and killed 4/5, the last little one died later that night =(( They were just 18 weeks old.

I have been away from home for 8 weeks and I was really looking foward to seeing them again, seeing how much they had grown. The contractor got us 4 new chooks (.....!!!) so I am yet to meet them, they are almost ready to lay and Mick already got one egg from them. Anyhow there is that sad story. I am looking foward to being home and seeing Mick and Trouble (our dog), but I am going to be sad my babies aren't there.