Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Slack Blogger, and Exciting Night!

Fun TimeI am so Naughty, I forgot to post these photos last month. The fun time Lo was done for the challenge at the Out of the Hat blog. I ended up getting a second prize so I am stoked!!Sending you a Smile

This card I have done as part of the Monthly CC’s at Allcraftz. I think there is still time to get it done if you wanted ;)

Square CardThis card I made for my 1-4-1 Partner. The theme was squares of all sizes. I got the idea from a blog. Now I have lost the address, so if she reads this PLEASE comment. I really liked your blog!!

Now for the exciting news..

My best friend Shannon told me on Monday when I rang her for a chat that our other friend Bex, had dropped out of wanting to go to the P!nk concert this Friday. I jokingly said I'd go, anyhow, Bex was selling the ticket to someone else, but tonight Shannon rang me to say if I wanted the ticket I could buy it :D So I am heading off to Brissy Thursday morning and coming home next Wednesday!! HOW sweet..! Only thing that is sad is I am going to miss doing any more Lo's / Challenges :( Ah well there is still time tomorrow ;)
OK I have to TRY and get some sleep. I am too pepped I think!!

Tomorrow I will post all the challenges I have done from the Allcraftz national scrapbooking day/weekend.